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Friends Only [01 Jan 2015|11:03pm]
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baby gift [20 Apr 2009|05:11pm]
So I finally got around to checking out what was in our gift basket from Marion. :) It was full of cute stuff so here it all is:

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My honey and Me [17 Mar 2009|12:40pm]
So I've been thinking a lot about how Jay and I "found" each other and the craziness behind it all. Now that most of the court crap is taken care of I really want to post "our story". I've gotten a lot of crap because there was a lot going on and my ex has made many accusations about Jay and I. I haven't ever really told my story, except to the people that are close and pretty much knew it anyway, but I want to share it now. It's never that I really had anything to hide, it's just that some of Mathew's lies were a mix of fact and fiction and I didn't want him stumbling onto everything until we had seen the judge.

So in May of 2006, I met Jason. :) I was working at the hospital in Leesburg, night shift on the 4th floor (top floor). I don't remember the exact date but it was before Mother's day so close to the first of the month. Work was going crazy, as usual. We were super short staffed and always short handed. The whole hospital was at the time. I didn't know Jay, but he was the catering manager at the hospital and was in charge of doing all of the food for doctor and the board meeting, special events, and anything special we had going on. He was making good money, but they were so short staffed they were scheduling some staff members over time if they helped out in a different unit. Jay's friend worked in environmental services (cleaning staff, clean linens, bleaching down after patients or surgeries etc) so Jay volunteered to help out at night doing that. So Jay happened to be pushing around this big blue thing with clean linen and he was restocking our supply closet. Night shift NEVER had enough linens because very few people worked nights and they never restocked enough with that in mind.

I was training a new girl that night and I had a patient that was crazy, haha as always, and I left her with the patient while I went to get some stuff to start a new IV. I had a feeling the lady was going to pull her's out, so I wanted to start a new line and change her fluids over so she could yank that one out if she wanted (it was going bad anyway). Well I walked out of the patient room and there was this "guy" trying to get into the supply room but he didn't know the code. I remember stopping in my tracks and just kind of looking at him and thinking "damm, he must be new because I would DEFINITELY remember seeing him around" and I just giggled and walked his way. He backed away from the door when I got to it and he said something about forgetting the code for the 4th floor or something, so I put it in, told him what it was, and walked in to get what I needed. So both of us were in the supply room for a few minutes and it was just really awkward.. haha He was really cute and I didn't want to look at him, but I could feel him looking at me.. I was 19 at the time and I had been with Mathew for 3 years so I definitely wasn't used to being in this kind of situation. So I walked out of the room, went to start an IV and I sent the girl I was training to check on another patient. I walked out of the crazy lady's room right when Jay walked out of the supply room. I walked down the hall and all the sudden the code blue alarm goes off in the room I sent my girl to check on. WTF! So I run in there and sure as the world, my patient is coding. Great. So I start doing CPR and sent her to get the crash cart and page our charge nurse. We saved the guy, but Jay stood in the hallway watching the whole thing. When we finally got the patient stable, we went taking him to ICU and I walked out of the room and went to get his chart together to send it and Jay says "wow, that was intense". I didn't even see him and I turned around and laughed and just said yeah... That was it for that night..

I didn't see him for a few days and I sure was looking for him. Mathew and I were having BAD problems at this time and I was so sick of being around him and being around the house that I started signing up for overtime. I wanted to be so far away from him. I got called in saying that someone didn't show up. So I took a shower and went in. When I got off the elevator I went into the nurses station to find what patients I would have and to get some kind of report from the other nurses that watched them until I got there. Our secretary, Ms. Ellen, came up behind me when I was reading the board and Jason happened to be right around the corner. I didn't even see him. Well Ms. Ellen asked me what perfume I was wearing and I told her nothing. She said I smelt really good and I said I had taken a shower before coming in so maybe thats what she smelt. Well durning this time Jason had rounded the corner and was standing right behind me and Ms. Ellen looks up at him and says "gosh, doesn't she smell good?" I turned around and he was standing there smiling at me and he looked me right in the eyes and says "she smells great"... All I wanted to do was run somewhere and hide under a sheet. Just the way he looked at me and the little compliment he made was crazy... I don't know I felt something inside of me that night that I had never felt before. I know I started blushing like crazy.. I didn't even know what to say... so I looked at the floor and managed to say "Umm, thanks"... ahhh it was crazy. Luckily someone called my name and I went down the hall to away from him. Later that night he came back up to the floor and we started talking a little. He said "I've seen you around a lot and I still don't know your name. You have a bandaid sticker covering it on your name tag so I guess I should ask you what it is." I told him I was Magan, but because patients often pronounce our names wrong, most of us cover our names up. He told me his name was Jason and as soon as we felt somewhat comfortable, one of my patients needed their meds, so I had to go.

So the next night I worked (a few days later) Ms. Ellen said that "Mr. Handsome had been walking around the hallways a lot while I was gone and didn't seem to be working"... I didn't really know what she meant but I definitely knew who she was talking about. Turns out that Jay was only working once or twice a week with the linens, but every day he worked in the kitchen he would come up on his break or after his shift ended to "look" for me... He worked 3-11 and I worked 7p-7a so our schedules were a little crazy. So that night, at about 11:30ish, some of us were goofing off and acting silly. It was a really slow night.. So we were sitting in our rolling chairs in the hallway and I ended up getting taped to my chair. haha this happened a lot with everyone so it wasn't anything bit. Medical tape around the waist and top half to take you to the back of the chair, then tape around your thighs to keep you attached to the bottom of the chair. Basically your stuck until someone undoes you or until you squirm your way out. Well they left me in the hallway and I just sat there laughing and the elevator opens up and theres Jay... LMAO He looked at me, then looked down the hallway and then busted out laughing. I was soooo embarrassed but I kind of couldn't go anywhere. He walked over to me and asked if I needed any help and I started laughing and told him that would be nice. He undid the tape and helped unwrap me. It was really sweet. I pushed the chair into the hallway desk where it went and he followed me over there. We started talking a little and I found out he was a caterer and he found out I was interning to be a wedding planner/event coordinator and we actually knew some of the same people that were involved in weddings. I made the comment that I was looking for a caterer for a wedding I was working on and he said that I should give him my number and he would check his schedule and see if he was free on that day. It seemed innocent enough right? ;) I mean... I DID need a caterer and if he was free then that would be GREAT for me.. lol... so I gave it to him. :) Well he remembered me telling him that my name was spelt different and he asked me how I spelt it so he could put it in his phone the correct way.. LATER (9-10 months later) he tells me he actually forgot what it was and couldn't remember if I was Maggie or Magan... lol jerk... I told him it was Magan, with 2 A's and no E's. He put it in his phone and right about that time I had to go because my call lights were going off.

About 1ish my phone started ringing... it was him. He said "I'm sitting at home and I am free on that day so if you need me, I'm yours." Just the way he said it... wow, my heart skipped a beat and I had butterflies in my stomach. I told him that was great and I would call him that afternoon with the details.
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New Year's Eve! [01 Jan 2009|04:18pm]
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So last night was a bit intense at first. After the whole cell phone incident I didn't even know what to say or do. As soon as Jay got home he started getting ready and then he said that he was gonna go meet Chris real quick to pick something up and then he would be ready to head out to Pop's house. Yeah, so I lost it then. I asked him if he was going to meet Chris or if he was going to meet Brandy... Real stupid of me, I know, but I just couldn't keep it in. lol

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Mash Game: Predict Your Future at eSPIN-the-Bottle [17 Jun 2008|05:23pm]
Behold... My Future
  I will marry Dozier.  
  After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in hawaii in our fabulous Mansion.  
  We will have 5 kid(s) together.  
  Our family will zoom around in a silver bmw.
  I will spend my days as a stay at home mom, and live happily ever after.  
whats your future
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